Irish whiskey: Five quick Qs with our man in Midleton

Let’s imagine someone hands you a glass of an exquisite Irish whiskey like Redbreast 27 Year Old. How should you enjoy it? Neat? With water? Uh … splash of cola?

For this and other Irish whiskey questions, we asked the biggest expert around. We’ve enlisted Kevin O’Gorman to deliver the straight goods on Irish whiskey, continuing the Irish whiskey exploration that we began last month.

Kevin is steeped in Irish whiskey: He started working at Midleton Distillery in 1998 and worked his way up, finally landing the top job at Ireland’s biggest distillery last year. His role now is to protect and continue the storied heritage of legendary brands including Jameson, Powers, the Spot Whiskeys and, yes, Redbreast. (And who wouldn’t love that job?)

Watch the video and enjoy Kevin’s honest, no-blarney take on Irish whiskey.

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