Lot No. 40 Dark Oak

Lot No. 40 - Dark Oak Blog Feature

There are three core truths about Lot No. 40, it is always: 100% rye, pot distilled and aged in new American oak. By abiding by these principles, Dr. Don Livermore, Master Blender at Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery, created Lot No. 40 Dark Oak, a bigger, bolder expression of this beloved rye whisky.

This whisky starts its life as core Lot 40 – 100% rye, pot distilled and aged in new American oak. However, in order to deliver a richer and bolder taste profile, Dr. Don Livermore drained the whisky from the barrels after aging, and placed it in a second new oak barrel, this time heavily charred (char no, 4).

Did you know? These barrels are often used in making bourbon and are known as ‘alligator char’ from the appearance of the inside of the barrel. This technique imparts even more barrel influence with additional notes of vanilla and toasted sugar, as well as a darker colour. This bold whisky is then bottled at 48% ABV (vs. 43% for core Lot 40) for a full flavoured taste experience.

Since its release, this expression has received a lot of attention and praise for its excellence. It was even coined the World’s Best Rye Whisky of 2021 at the World’s Whiskies Award beating our rye whiskies from the United States, Australia, Germany, England, Denmark and Ireland.

For more information on where to purchase, please contact your local liquor provider.

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