Jameson Caskmates IPA Bottle

Jameson Caskmates IPA

Irish Whisky

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Jameson Caskmates IPA Bottle

Finished in Craft Beer Barrels

Jameson Caskmates IPA is an Irish whisky that is finished in craft Irish Pale Ale seasoned barrels. The result is a signature smooth taste that introduces light hints of hops, fresh citrus, and floral notes.

40% vol / 750ml

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  • Ireland

  • Irish Distillers Ltd

  • IrishWhiskey

  • Blended

  • 40%

  • 750ml

Tasting Notes

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Hops and light citrus, with sweet herbal notes and ever so slight spicy tones.

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Floral, herbal hops, grapefruit citrus, with subtle orchard fruits. Complemented by wood shavings and a little nuttiness.

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The lingering fresh fruit and hops give way to crisp barley and as ever, a signature smooth finish.

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Jameson Caskmates IPA