Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bottle

Rabbit Hole Dareringer

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

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Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bottle

This super-premium Straight Bourbon Whisky is an unmistakably balanced expression that is meticulously crafted by taking bourbon aged in alligator char barrels and finishing it in hand-selected Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks. The result is an elegant whisky that blends traditional whisky making with modernity.

46.5% vol / 750ml

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  • United States

  • Kentucky

  • Rabbit Hole Distillery

  • BourbonWhiskey

  • Blended

  • 46.5%

  • 750ml

Tasting Notes

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Raisins, currants, and cherries, hint of almond and vanilla.

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Sherry with traces of caramel and cherry.

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Light with a tough of dryness.

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Rabbit Hole Dareringer