Five Quick Questions with Kaveh Zamanian, founder of Rabbit Hole Distillery

Each bourbon is a special experience. A sensory delight. But is each one unique? That depends on how you look at it.

Most bourbons are made from the same handful of mash bills — in other words, there’s a few tried-and-true grain recipes that almost everyone uses (as fans of America’s flagship whiskey already know). That’s all well and good, but when Kaveh Zamanian founded Rabbit Hole Distillery, he wanted something different. He brought a desire to add unique flavours and expressions to the tradition.

Thanks to Kaveh’s passion and distinct approach to whiskey-making, we think Rabbit Hole is the most exciting example of the new wave of Kentucky craft distillers. And the great news for Drop Collective members? Rabbit Hole whiskeys are now available in Canada.

In our latest video, Kaveh talks about his drive to create unique whiskeys, and how Rabbit Hole Cavehill embodies that purpose.

Watch now and enjoy meeting Kaveh and Rabbit Hole.

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