Royal salute coronation of king charles III edition

This month, one of the rarest, most unique, and incredibly divine whiskies perhaps of all time will become available in Canada.

Since its inception, Royal Salute has honoured the British Monarchy and marked significant milestones with unique expressions that represent and embody a moment in history. As the Scotch originated as a Coronation gift 70 years ago, there couldn’t be a more fitting moment for Royal Salute to pay homage once again.

Introducing Royal Salute Blended Scotch Whisky The Coronation of King Charles III Edition. It’s a whisky that defies convention and stands alone in a class all to itself.  And like all great whiskies, this one has a story to tell.  And tells it beautifully.




part i – the liquid

70 years ago, Royal Salute gave us its first Coronation whisky, crafted in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. The year was 1953. And it is this date that gives Royal Salute The Coronation of King Charles III Edition its spirit. This is a masterful blend of over 53 rare Scotch whiskies, carefully selected to represent the year 1953. Each a unique specimen.

Expertly crafted by Royal Salute Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop, the coveted expression is a timeless whisky to be treasured and savoured for years to come. A blend of over 53 rare malt and grain whiskies, to reflect the year Royal Salute was first crafted, the Royal Salute The Coronation of King Charles III Edition is a beautifully rich and complex expression with notes of fresh redcurrants, dark chocolate praline, and freshly roasted chestnuts, and a palate of sweet figs and fresh ginger leading up to a long and rich finish with a playful spice.




part II – the decanter

Equal only to the precious liquid within, the bottle itself is a gem and symbol of power, authority, and endurance.  Royal Salute The Coronation of King Charles III Edition is housed in a Dartington Crystal decanter, blown by artisans, and tinted in a deep sapphire blue hue, symbolic of the precious stones set within the Imperial State Crown. Each vessel is Individually numbered, 1-500, making each as unique to its owner as the whisky inside.

High atop this crystal work of art sits a golden crown.






part III – The setting

One doesn’t need to be a monarchist, or even a fan of the crown, to appreciate the ornate illustrations that adorn the container that houses the decanter. The illustrations tell the story of the United Kingdom, the jewels, crests, and symbols of each country within Great Britain symbolizing unity.

The wooden box itself, carved in the image of Westminster Abbey, with its famous chiseled stone fan-vaulted ceilings, and where it will see it’s 40th coronation take place in May of this year.




Only 500 bottles are available worldwide. In Canada there will be a precious 9 available for purchase, and as Drop Collective members, you are hearing about it first.  Valued at $35,000 CDN, this bottle will not be available for purchase in stores. Serious inquiries about the purchase process can be made here.