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Drop Collective Best Upcoming Spirits Releases

If you’re here, you’re interested in the most delicious, exciting and rare spirits. Whether you’re an expert collector or just learning, you’re always on the lookout for great new products to try and bottles to add to your collection. 

The Drop Collective’s here to help you stay on top of new and upcoming releases in Canada. From award-winning Irish whiskeys and Scotches to sought-after bourbons, this page gives you a heads up about new launches and releases that will only be available here for a limited time. (Which makes them great gifts for whisky lovers, by the way.)

The list reflects upcoming releases for Ontario, but other provinces often have similar releases and dates. So check your local liquor stores if you live elsewhere in Canada. 

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Available now

Redbreast Lustau Edition

The Drop Collective’s take: There’s probably no Irish whiskey brand that has won more converts to the single pot still style than Redbreast. And no sherry bodega (that is, sherry producer) has done more to persuade modern audiences to try the old-fashioned Spanish wine style than Lustau. Now Lustau and Redbreast have joined forces to create this richly spiced and aromatic sherry-matured whiskey. Talk about a power couple. (Learn more about Redbreast Lustau here.)

Awards and accolades: Spirits Business Global Irish Whiskey Masters — Master (top medal) 2023; 2023 International Spirits Challenge Gold; World Whiskies Awards Category Winner 2023

Who should try it: Fans of sherry-matured whiskies, and of single pot still Irish whiskeys. 

How to enjoy it: Like all sherried drams, Redbreast Lustau really comes alive with a splash of water. If you’ve ever imagined pairing an Irish whiskey with tapas, you can’t do better than one aged in Oloroso sherry butts. 

When: Available now

Yellow Spot Whiskey 

Limited time release — e-commerce exclusive

The Drop Collective’s take: Among the Spot Whiskeys, it’s been said that if Green Spot is reminiscent of green apples, then Yellow Spot calls red apples to mind. Maturing for 12 years in a combination of bourbon, sherry and Spanish malaga wine casks has also infused this single pot still Irish whiskey with a savoury nose of mown hay, red bell pepper, clove and nutmeg, with the profile sweetening toward honey, milk chocolate and crème brûlée on the palate. We expect you’ll like them apples. (Learn more about Yellow Spot here.)

Awards and accolades: Gold Medal, Irish Whiskey Awards 2023; Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017, 99 points and Chairman’s trophy; Gold Medal, International Spirits Challenge 2017

Why you should rush to get this now: The vibrant, spicy character of Yellow Spot helps make it a unique proposition, even among other Irish single pot still whiskeys. And once again, if you’re collecting Spot Whiskeys, now’s your chance to try to collect ’em all. 

How to enjoy it: Take advantage of Yellow Spot’s lively sharpness by enjoying it as an aperitif. In a tasting lineup, its bright character makes it a great choice as thefirstsingle pot still whiskey to try (so you can pick up the subtlety with a fresh palate). 

When: Now. Get it here.

Aberlour 14 Year Old

The Drop Collective’s take: The youngest whisky in the Aberlour range nevertheless shows great maturity at 14 years old, with a rich spiciness and a soft, jammy and creamy finish — but also youthful aromas of ripe cherry and blackcurrant. 

Awards and accolades: Double Gold, International Wine and Spirits Competition 2020; Gold, International Spirits Challenge 2020

Who should try it: Anyone looking for a splendidly balanced single malt Scotch on the rich side of the flavour spectrum. 

How to enjoy it: Ideally, alongside other Aberlour expressions for the sake of a fun comparison. Or pair it with a sweet treat containing toffee or caramel (even just a simple chocolate bar — why not?).  

When: Available now at select stores. 

Royal Salute 21 Year Old Lunar New Year Edition

The Drop Collective’s take: The Lunar New Year may have passed, but you can keep celebrating the Year of the Dragon with this special release of Royal Salute’s 21 Year Old Signature Blend. Royal Salute partnered with multi-award-winning Chinese illustrator Feifei Ruan to create a special edition box aflame with floral bouquets; it houses a hand-crafted blue flagon to contain the liquid. 

Awards and accolades: International Wine & Spirit Competition Silver medal (93 points), 2020; International Spirits Challenge Double Gold, 2021

What it adds to your collection: Created in 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Salute brings the understated elegance of blended Scotches steeped in tradition — expect sweet pear and autumn flowers on the nose, a hint of sherry, a wisp of smoke. 

How to enjoy it: This is an experience to savour — say, on the rocks with the dessert course at a dinner party with close friends and family. 

When: Available now.

Jameson Single Pot Still Five Oak Cask Release

The Drop Collective’s take: You probably know Jameson as a smooth-tasting blended Irish whiskey, but every bottle contains some pot distilled whiskey to give it a robust backbone. Now Jameson Single Pot Still gives you a chance to try the rich, complex and alluring pot still component all by itself. This release has been aged in three different types of virgin oak (Irish, European and American), in addition to ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks

Awards and accolades: “A scintillatingly spicy and engaging single pot still whiskey with ample flavor and a youthful strut. 90 points — gold medal.” — Tastings.com

Who should try it: Fans of Jameson who are curious to know how it may have tasted back in the 1960s and earlier, when most Irish whiskeys were all pot distilled.  

How to enjoy it: As the pinnacle of a tasting across the Jameson range. 

When: Available now.

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Bourbon

The Drop Collective’s take: Bourbon must be distilled in the United States, but barrel maturation? Well, there’s latitude there. This gave Jefferson’s Master Blender Trey Zoeller a brain wave (as it were): Why not try aging bourbon at sea? Here’s what happened: The constant motion churns the whiskey, increasing its interaction with the wood of the barrel. The temperature changes from place to place during each batch’s unique voyage also accelerate maturation. All in all, the ocean journey gives this bourbon a whiff of the maritime — sea spray in the nose and salt in the finish.

Awards and accolades: “Complex, medium-long finish evoking nuances of butterscotch, vanilla and corn, corn cake with salted butter, and caramelized banana. An unpretentious, sweet, corn-forward sipper with vanilla and baking spice highlights. 94 points — gold medal.” — Tastings.com

What it adds to your collection: Who doesn’t like a bourbon with a backstory? A tale of the sea, no less? 

How to enjoy it: With a splash of water, of course! And thanks to its salted caramel and buttered popcorn aromas, Jefferson’s Ocean Aged makes a fine sipper for movie night (Master and Commander again, anyone?). 

When: Available now in select stores. 

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old 200 Year Anniversary Edition

The Drop Collective’s take: A storied Speyside single malt Scotch celebrates two centuries of excellence with a special version of its popular 12-year-old. For this anniversary, The Glenlivet 12 is presented at 43% ABV and is exclusively aged in American oak (rather than the usual 40%and a mix of European and American oak). Translation? Expect a little extra dose of vibrant fruit and honeycomb on the nose as you raise a toast to 200 wonderful years. 

Awards and accolades: International Wine & Spirit Competition Bronze 2023; World Whiskies Award 2023 Silver (both for original 12 Year Old expression)

What it adds to your collection: A one-time-only, special version of a widely beloved single malt. 

How to enjoy it: The Glenlivet’s mellow flavour profile — creamy vanilla, orange marmalade, hazelnut praline — is as classic as classic gets. That a can’t-miss gift for just about any whisky lover. 

When: Available now.

Redbreast Tawny Port

The Drop Collective’s take: Redbreast matures its Irish whiskeys in a combination of bourbon and oloroso sherry casks, a combination that gives the brand its signature sweet richness. This edition is finished in tawny port casks, which enhances its luscious aromas of buttered pastry, caramelized almonds and seasoned oak. 

Awards and accolades: One of the world’s best Irish whiskeys gets even better with a new port cask finish … 96 points.” — Robb Report

Who should try it: Fans of the richness of Redbreast who are up for something new, and even richer. 

How to enjoy it: Try it during a cheese course, just as you would with a fine glass of port. 

When: Available now.

Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength

The Drop Collective’s take: Another Redbreast? Yes! It wouldn’t be spring without a lot of robins. The Cask Strength expression gives us a glimpse of our beloved bird in its natural, full-flavoured state. Redbreast Cask Strength 12 Year Old is matured in bourbon-seasoned American oak barrels and Oloroso sherry-seasoned Spanish oak butts, just like the popular regular-strength 12-year-old. This time the nose is even fruitier (with dried figs, dates and raisins) and the palate oilier and spicier, all leading up to a satisfyingly dry, oaky, spicy finish. (Learn more about Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength here.)

Awards and accolades: “You feel more Irish with every sip. — 95 points, Editor’s Choice.” — Whisky Advocate

Who should try it: Anyone who has loved Redbreast 12 and wants to experience the intensity of a cask strength version. 

How to enjoy it: As the coup de grâce at the end of an all-Irish whiskey tasting (or even an all-Redbreast tasting). Or with plenty of water as an accompaniment to dessert. 

When: Available now.

Dropping soon

Rabbit Hole Heigold

The Drop Collective’s take: Appearing for the first time in Ontario, Rabbit Hole’s Heigold is the award-winning Kentucky distillery’s “high-rye” bourbon, meaning it has a large proportion of rye in the mash bill — and a thrilling prickle of pepper spice on the palate. Baking spices, silky butterscotch and hints of bright citrus round out a boldly delicious straight bourbon whiskey.  

Awards and accolades: Category Gold, Best Kentucky Small Batch Bourbon, World Whiskies Awards 2022; Platinum, SIP Awards 2021; Gold medal, Barleycorn Awards 2021; 92 Points — Whisky Advocate

What it adds to your collection: Rabbit Hole Heigold is a great choice for bourbon lovers looking to explore brands that belong to Kentucky’s new wave of craft distillers. Meanwhile, Heigold will still feel a little familiar for Canadian whisky fans, thanks to its spicy rye flavours.

How to enjoy it: While it’s great as a sipper neat or on the rocks, Heigold’s 47.5%ABV makes it particularly well-suited to cocktails. (Perhaps you know the old debate — should  manhattans and old fashioneds be made with bourbon or rye? You can get the best of both worlds with Heigold.) 

When: Coming soon. Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

Redbreast 21 Year Old

The Drop Collective’s take: Now here’s a splendid bird to track down. The second-oldest expression in the Redbreast range (and the oldest you’ll find in Canada), Redbreast 21 takes this single pot still to new levels of depth of flavour, starting with fruit (tropical as well as dried) and finishing with a long, oaky finish and silky mouthfeel. (Learn more about Redbreast 21 Year Old here.)

Awards and accolades: Winner, World’s Best Pot Still Whiskey, World Whiskies Awards, 2020; Gold Medal, Irish Single Pot Still Super-Premium, 2020, Irish Whisky Masters 

Who should try it: Those who want to experience the pinnacle of Irish whiskey-making, especially in the form of a satisfyingly lavish single pot still whiskey.

How to enjoy it: Slowly, to savour the sheer flavour density on offer as you meditate on its complexity. And invite a friend over — as the distillers say, “The best way to enjoy a glass of Redbreast is with someone else.” 

When: Coming soon. Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

Blue Spot Whiskey

Limited time release — e-commerce exclusive

The Drop Collective’s take: You may know that the Spot Whiskeys are fine, complex single pot still Irish whiskeys. But Green Spot, Yellow Spot, Blue Spot — it can be hard to keep track. We’re here to help: Blue Spot is the cask strength one (bottled at 58.7%). It’s the one aged for seven years, matured in a mix of bourbon, sherry and madeira casks for a heady mix of spices and fruity complexity. It’s the one you’re going to show off if you’re lucky and smart enough to snag a bottle during the availability window. (Learn more about Blue Spot here.)

Awards and accolades:  Beverage Tasting Institute Top ranked World Whisky 2023 — 99 points; Spirits Business Global Irish Whiskey Masters — Master (top medal) 2023

Why you should rush to get this now: Blue Spot is revered for its exuberantly fruity and spicy aromas at what Forbes called “outstanding value” for money. And you’ll need Blue Spot if you’re trying to collect all the Spot Whiskeys … 

How to enjoy it: Generous dilution is the way to go with cask strength whiskeys to bring down the alcohol level. We recommend spring water, but ice and/or soda water will also help bring out the best in Blue Spot. And if you’re tasting a few Irish whiskeys, leave the cask strength for last so your taste buds aren’t overwhelmed before you get to the lighter stuff! 

Where to get it: In Ontario, it’s an LCBO online exclusive.

When: Coming soon. Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

Red Spot Whiskey

Limited time release — e-commerce exclusive

The Drop Collective’s take: At 15 years old, Red Spot is the longest-matured of the Spot Whiskeys — and in many ways it’s the deepest and most complex. Like the other Spot Whiskeys, it’s aged in a mix of sherry butts and bourbon casks; Red Spot alone also has Sicilian marsala wine casks in the mix. For fans of the Spot Whiskeys and competition judges around the world, the resulting ripe fruit sweetness has proven to be a winning formula. (Learn more about Red Spot here.)

Awards and accolades: Winner, Single Pot Still 12 Year and Over, Irish Whiskey Awards 2023; Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2023, 97 points and Chairman’s trophy

Why you should rush to get this: Red Spot makes a fine centrepiece for any Irish whiskey collection. It’s surprisingly affordable for what it is. And again, if you’re trying to gather all the Spot Whiskeys, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve got Red. 

How to enjoy it: Invite over your whisky geek friends. Many have tried the Green Spot. Some have tried Yellow or Blue. But Red? That’s a rarer whiskey for sure. A chance to taste it is an occasion in itself.

Where to get it: In Ontario, it’s an LCBO online exclusive.

When: Coming soon. Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

Aberlour 18 Year Old

The Drop Collective’s take: When the label says “Speyside single malt whisky,” you know you’re in for a classic ride. And in the case of Aberlour 18, the experience is extra classic thanks to a double cask maturation that emphasizes sherry — just like the Speyside malts of decades ago. That gives you a whisky that’s structured, deep and spicy, with licorice-like tang above rich raisin and toffee. Stay classic. (And learn more about Aberlour 18 here.)

Awards and accolades: “Bright and pronounced caramel in many forms, from rich caramel chews to caramel pudding. Then a spice backbone jumps out … With or without water, it finishes long and strong with a hint of pepper — 92 points.” — Whisky Advocate

Who should try it: Lovers of rich, sweetish, full-tasting single malt Scotches — especially the many admirers of Aberlour A’bunadh who may not have sampled the distillery’s other delicious offerings.  

How to enjoy it: Sometimes a big meal calls for a big-tasting whisky to cap it off — Aberlour 18 will serve very nicely there. Try it neat before adding water, to breathe in the full range of spicy aromas from the sherry maturation. 

When: Coming soon. Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

Aberlour A’bunadh Alba

The Drop Collective’s take: Say “cask strength” to an expert-level Scotch taster and they’ll probably picture a bottle of Aberlour A’bunadh (pronounced “a-boon-ACK”), a whisky with a well-deserved cult following. (Is any other Scotch whisky distillery best known for a cask strength edition? Probably not.) Now there’s a newer edition of A’bunadh to try: A’bunadh Alba. “Alba” means white — as in, American white oak — and it signifies that this edition is matured in American oak barrels rather than the sherry of the original. That means a lighter colour and more vanilla, cinnamon and pepper. (Learn more about Aberlour A’bunadh Alba here.)

Awards and accolades: “If you are a fan of Aberlour A’bunadh … you should certainly give Alba a taste..” — Forbes

Who should try it: Admirers of the original Aberlour A’bunadh, obviously, but also bourbon fans with a curiosity for Scotch. The American oak imparts aromas and flavours they’ll find comfortingly familiar.

How to enjoy it: Aberlour A’bunadh Alba should express itself best in a rocks glass with just a small splash of water, just as you would enjoy the bourbons that it may remind you of. 

When: Coming soon.Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

Aberlour 16 Year Old

The Drop Collective’s take: If Aberlour 14 is a balance of youth and age, Aberlour 16 Year Old is fully mature — arguably beyond its years. Deep, full and complex with richly scented floral and sweet raisin aromas, it boasts a long, warm, spicy finish. (Learn more about Aberlour 16 Year Old here.)

Awards and accolades: Gold medal, World Whiskies Awards 2017; Second place, Best Single Malt Scotch 16-17 Years Old, International Whisky Competition

Who should try it: Anyone looking for a beautifully long-aged, full-tasting single malt Scotch at an attractive price point. 

How to enjoy it: As part of a toast — because trying an old Scotch is always a celebration. Or as your slow-sipper for a night of conversation next to a fire.

When: Coming soon. Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

Redbreast Bird Feeder Bottle

The Drop Collective’s take: For the fourth year in a row, Redbreast is raising funds for BirdLife International with a limited-edition bottle of Redbreast 12 Year Old housed in an intricately designed festive casing that transforms into a bird feeder. Proceeds from each sale go toward BirdLife International’s ongoing efforts to reverse the worrying trends in the global bird population. 

Awards and accolades: Trophy for Best Innovation in Packaging at the The Drinks Business Awards.

What it adds to your collection: It’s a great addition to both your whiskey cabinet and your garden. 

How to enjoy it: While bird watching, of course. 

When: Coming soon. Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

Dropping later this year

The Glenlivet 40 Year Old and The Glenlivet 55 Year Old

The Drop Collective’s take: “There are mysteries of maturation. Things that we don’t understand.” That was former Glenlivet master blender Jim Cryle talking in 2004 about super-aged whiskies — in that case, an earlier version of The Glenlivet 40 Year Old. A new 40-year-old and a new 55-year-old Glenlivet are coming soon to Canada. You may think you know Speyside single malts — especially ones as widely beloved as The Glenlivet — but a mysterious transformation happens in the cask when a whisky is this old. Vanilla turns to marzipan, the fruits become dried yet somehow still vibrant, oak becomes warm and leathery … To find out for yourself, you’ll just have to become one of the lucky few to experience the upcoming Glenlivet 40 and 55 Year Old.

Who should try it: Collectors of the finest, rarest and longest-aged whiskies. People who are on The Glenlivet’s long list of committed fans. 

How to enjoy it: In a moment of celebration at a critical juncture of your life. You can’t try a whisky of this age without a wistful reflection on the nature of time. (Where were you 40 years ago? Or 55? If anywhere.) You’ll also want to share a unique tasting experience like this with those near and dear to you. 

When: Coming soon. Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

Royal Salute 21 Year Old Miami Polo Edition 

The Drop Collective’s take: Royal Salute promises that if you’ve ever spent a day at a polo event, this blended Scotch whisky will bring back warm memories. And if you haven’t? (Gasp! Tsk tsk.) Well, you’re still in for a lusciously old-school whisky, one in a series of editions that Royal Salute has created to celebrate the spirit of polo around the world. Check back at this page later for details still to be released for the upcoming Miami Edition.

Awards and accolades: (Praise for the earlier Beach Polo Edition:)“Rich notes of waxed mahogany, old leather books, sultanas and a dash of passionfruit. … A whirlwind finish, with complex flavours bursting through eventually — 8.8/10. Recommended.” — Whisky Magazine

Who should try it: Collectors of rare and unusual whiskies. Royal Salute’s polo edition whiskies are presented in unique ceramic flagons that would look wonderful in any library — or polo club. 

How to enjoy it: Royal Salute described the related Beach Polo Edition like so: The nose opens with a nostalgic mix of salt and smoke, evoking summer evenings of bonfires and fireworks.” Summer nights it is, then — with or without a polo match.

When: Coming soon. Sign up for The Drop Collective to get details on this release!

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