Method and Madness Single Grain Bottle

Method and Madness Single Grain

Single Grain Irish Whisky

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Method and Madness Single Grain Bottle

Matured in Bourbon Barrels

This single grain whisky is matured in first fill bourbon casks and finished in virgin Spanish oak imparting notes of spice, warm toasted oak, and grapefruit followed by a fresh, sweet and spicy finish.

46% vol / 750ml


  • Ireland

  • Irish Distillers Ltd

  • Canadian Whisky

  • Blended

  • 46%

  • 750ml

Tasting Notes

Palate Icon

Warm toasted oak, fresh peeled grapefruit, zesty wood spices.

Nose Icon

New pencil shavings, light rose petal, fresh rain on pine.

Finish Icon

Sweet cereal, clove spiciness, fresh mint.



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Method and Madness Single Grain


Take a trip to County Cork, Ireland and discover the Middleton distillery, the home of Irish whiskey.

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